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The average fuel price for the provision of travel expenses changes

cestovní náhrady

On 11. 3. Round 2022, an amendment to Decree No. 511/2021 COLL., Amendment of the rates of basic compensation for the use of road motor vehicles and daily subsistence allowances and determination of the average price of fuel for the purpose of providing travel expenses. The decree was issued under No. 47/2022 Coll.

Advances on road tax due during 2022 have been waived

From the decision of the Minister of Finance, which was published in the Financial Bulletin No. 2022-06 on 24 March 2022, there was a waiver of advances on road tax for the 2022 tax period, i.e. advances that are due on 15.4, 15.7, 17.10, and 15.12.